Wind NI provide solutions for all aspects of wind power development. Our client base includes high energy consuming industries, public sector bodies, farmers looking to diversify and landowners wishing to develop renewable projects on their property.


For clients wishing to install their own wind energy project, we can provide all the services required for a successful development from initial feasibility and detailed wind resource assessment right through to turbine selection, planning, installation and future servicing contracts. We are completely manufacturer independent and are not a wind turbine reseller. This enables us to provide impartial advice on what turbine is most suitable for a clients project.

Site Leasing

For businesses and property owners not wishing to invest but keen to reap the financial benefits of having a wind turbine positioned on their site, Wind NI can finance and develop the entire project providing the landowner with a revenue percentage and/or electricity as a rental payment.

Joint Generation

Clients can co-invest with Wind NI in a wind power project to receive a larger revenue than just site leasing alone. This option works well with those who intend to or who have already started to develop their own project. By partnering with us on your development, no matter what stage it is currently at, you can benefit from our expertise, our buying power and can easily remove any element of doubt about going into the project alone.

Wind Speed Data

Obtain accurate wind data for your site. Click here for more information

Are you a Landowner?

If you are keen to diversify your income stream, we can help. We are actively seeking further sites for our wind power projects. Please contact us

Already Planning a Wind


No matter what stage you are at within your own development, Wind NI would like to hear from you. Contact us